Green Guide Tours

Green Guide Tours is a walking tour company based in San Francisco, California that focuses on cannabis.

Walking Tour

Green Guide Tours currently offers the Classic Cannabis Tour that discusses the scientific, technological, medical, legal, and cultural history of marijuana in San Francisco and around the world.

Our Goal

Our goal at Green Guide Tours is to help break down the outdated and negative stigmas about what marijuana is, and bring a better understanding to the history & future of the cannabis industry.

Where We Stand

Green Guide Tours does not encourage the use of marijuana for everybody. Green Guide Tours only offers an educationally interactive experience that focuses on the truth & facts of the cannabis culture and industry.

Currently Cannabis-Free

Currently Green Guide Tours only offers tours about marijuana. NO cannabis is offered or consumed on our tours.

Community Involvement

We are regularly involved in supporting San Francisco's local community as well as helping advocate for the cannabis industry by providing education & awareness services.