At Green Guide Tours, we believe in supporting our local community by making our city a safer and healthier place to live. We continuously strive to support our neighbors, support positive policies, and are regularly involved in the local community.




When purchasing an experience with Green Guide Tours, we believe in offering the option of donating to a local non-profit organization. As a company, Green Guide Tours donates to a variety of non-profits every month!

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The best way to contribute to the local community is by getting out there and leading a hand. At Green Guide Tours, we are regularly volunteering as a team to help make support those in need in our neighborhoods.We are focused on the health and safety of the city.



Education & Awareness

Finally, we believe the best way to help communities in need is through education and awareness. On each tours, on our website, social media and in even in our City Halls; Green Guide Tours provides news, science, history, and more to help bring knowledge about a compassionate industry.