Dispensary (noun) - A room where medicines are prepared and provided. - Oxford Dictionaries

What Are Marijuana Dispensaries?

Medical marijuana dispensaries are local small business that help prepare and provide medical marijuana to patient in 23 states throughout America. Many dispensaries offer a wide variety of marijuana flowers, edibles, concentrates, that are safely regulated. Many dispensaries also offer health services, community support, educational information, and much, much more.


How Do Dispensaries Work?

Marijuana Dispensaries are offered in 23 states in the United States of America. One must be evaluated by a doctor to receive a recommendation for medical marijuana. Once you receive your doctors recommendation, you make a purchase or donation* to any dispensary and legally consume cannabis. (*Some dispensaries are non-profits who accept technically accept donations.)



What Are The Benefits Of Dispensaries?

After receive a doctors recommendation, the benefits of purchasing marijuana from dispensaries are the control of price and quality, taxes for the city and state, variety of types, educated staff members, regulated products and more. Also, many dispensaries in different areas deliver medicine for patients who are less mobile or do not have time in their busy schedules.