Green Guide Tours is the 1st cannabis walking tour company in California! We offer donation-based cannabis walking tours in San Francisco about the history, science, criminal reform, culture of marijuana. Our goal is to help stop the negative stigmas about marijuana through education & experiences.


The Most Entertaining & Educational Cannabis Experiences!

Memorial Tour - Dennis Peron

APRIL 8, 1945 - JANUARY 27, 2018


Compassion & Cannabis

Description: the inspiring true story of renegade Gay hippie and 70 year old IHOP waitress in their quest for medical Marijuana.

Time: 11:00 Am - 1:00 pm

Days: Sundays

Price: FREE!


100% of Compassion & Cannabis tour proceeds in the month of February will go to the AIDS Foundation.


Free Marijuana Tour

Description: Enjoy a quick free introduction to history, science, criminal reform and culture on cannabis in SF and around the world.

Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Days: Wednesday - Friday

Price: Free!

Bud Crawl

bud crawl

Description: Smoke in Marijuana Lounges! Learn about the science of cannabis while Enjoying marijuana in state of the art dispensaries.

Time: 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Days: Wednesday - Friday

Price: $4.20

Psychedelic Summer of Love

Description: wind through the Haight-Ashbury while discussing how cannabis helped spark a cultural revolution across the U.S.

Time: 11:00 Am - 1:00 pm

Days: Saturdays

Price: FREE!

Private Groups

Want to arrange a private experience? We provide customized cannabis tours for all types of groups. Contact us to learn more! | (415) 448-8077

Genuine Guides

Our Green Guides are a group of informative professionals who are helping the public better understand the misconceptions of cannabis in the United States. Our guides' goal is not to encourage the use of cannabis, but to stop the negative stigmas around marijuana through fun, interactive, educational experiences.


More information coming soon...

More information coming soon...


Hear stories about the ancient history of cannabis and how it made it's way around the world and why it's now in prohibition.


Learn about the difference between male vs female plants, indica vs sativa strains, THC vs CBD, medical properties and more!

More information coming soon...

More information coming soon...


Discover how cannabis is used to suppress minority communities to support the privatized prison system and special interests.


Dive deep into cannabis culture and how marijuana has been used as a tool for social and cutlural revolutions in the United States.

The Process



Reserve your free, donation-based marijuana walking tour online.



Learn about the science, history, culture, and growing industry of cannabis.



Get on your feet and explore neighborhoods and their local secrets.

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