Green Guide Tours offers San Francisco medical marijuana dispensary walking tours for California residents with medical marijuana evaluations who want to learn more about the science, history, medical benefits, and future of cannabis.

We would like to introduce you to the first medical marijuana walking tour company in San Francisco. We are a team of local, knowledgeable, adventures who want to bring education and awareness to cannabis and the rapidly growing industry.

Evaluation Assistance - Green Guide Tours has pair up with Meadow to help California residents have a safe and accessible resource to be evaluated for medical marijuana.



Dispensary Edict - At the beginning of each of our tours, we take time too review with our groups the appropriate edict to have within medical dispensaries.

Neighborhood Focused - Our tours are designed in specific neighborhoods which allows us to discuss the history of the neighborhood, while supporting local businesses and the community.

Deliberately Designed - Each tour is deliberately designed for different individuals who appreciate different aspects about cannabis. Whether it is art & culture or business & technology we offer it all.

Farm to Rolling-table - We discuss the entire processes of the medical marijuana industry; from farm to your rolling-table. Learn how the flowers our grown and how they end up on the table.

Business Awareness - We want each dispensary to have the opportunity to share what information about their organization and what unique features their facility has to offer.

Education and Edict - We provide an educational experience for all our guests while also teaching them about the appropriate edict within dispencaries in San Francisco.

New Patients - On each of our tours, we are brining new medical patients to you. We offer resources for California medical marijuana patients who then sign up for your dispensary.

Reach Your Customers - Get the opportunity to speak with your customers directly about what makes your organization unique. Don't have the time or staff, our guides are happy to help!

Community Involvement - Partner up with Green Guide Tours and become involved in the contributing to the local community. Help promote health and safety in the industry with us.


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