Join us as we weave through the historic LGBTQ+ district and discuss the figures who fought vigorously to help legalize medical marijuana. These individuals took the cannabis and used it as a tool for compassion and support in a community that was struggling with a lethal epidemic. Learn about the history, the cultural revolutions, medical benefits, legal battles, and compassionate use of cannabis in SF and around the world.

Dispensary: Yes!  -  Smoking Lounge: No

Description: Compassion & Cannabis: The Pioneers of Pot walking tour recounts the inspiring true story of renegade hippy and pot kingpin Dennis Peron, and patient advocate Brownie Mary in their quest for medical legalization. Enjoy this historical journey and discover how a public health crisis combined with passionate pioneers ignited a marijuana revolution that forever changed the world. iPad photo & video gallery included.

Price: $25.00 per guest

Days: Private Tours Only

Meeting Location: Duboce Park (Corner of Steiner & Duboce St)

Distance: 1.85 Miles

Neighborhoods: Alamo Square, Divisadero, Haight & Ashbury

Suggestions: Wear good walking shoes - Stay hydrated - Bring a light jacket - Eat first - Bring a hat or sunscreen

 Explore the history of the Castro.

Explore the history of the Castro.

 Brownie Mary & Denis Peron.

Brownie Mary & Denis Peron.


What You'll See

Duboce Park

Old Underground Dispensaries

Future Cannabis Cafe

Heart of the Castro District

Famous Businesses/Landmarks

Dolores Park

Award Winning Dispensary

and Much More!

What You'll Learn

The 5 Cannabis Pioneers

Ancient History

Cultural Revolutions

Early Prohibition

Racism & Political Policies

Science of Cannabis

Ground Zero of Medical Marijuana

and Much More!

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